Antifa thugs ATTACK journalists covering anti-Israel encampment

Rebel News journalists Alexa Lavoie and Guillaume Roy came under attack from Antifa thugs while they were covering an anti-Israel encampment in Montreal.

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Friends, our Rebel News journalists need your help. They've been doing the dangerous work of covering the illegal and antisemitic pro-Hamas encampments at universities across the country.

Our team has been doing it in a way the mainstream media refuses to — by asking tough questions and exposing the dangerous and hateful conditions inside these illegal squatters' tent cities.

And because our reporters have such a strong commitment to telling the truth and exposing the other side of the story, one of them has been attacked while covering these protests.

It once again happened to our fearless team in Quebec, Alexa Lavoie and Guillaume Roy, who were attacked with paint by Antifa thugs not once, but twice. This time it was just paint, but what will it be next time? 

And, unfortunately, Alexa tells us she was within spitting distance of Montreal police when this incident happened; she says a police car was right next to them after they were attacked. Instead of helping, the police just drove away.

Now, this is not the first time Alexa and Guillaume have been harassed and intimidated while covering these sorts of protests, and it's not the first time the police have failed to intervene to keep our reporters safe from these known violent radicals.

We all know that Alexa has been on the receiving end of police violence. When she was covering the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa back in 2022, Rebel News viewers will recall she was shot in the leg at close range by an RCMP officer using a riot control device.

Alexa and Guillaume have been pepper-sprayed in the course of the work. These are the dangers all of our journalists face when they're in the field bringing our audience boots-on-the-ground journalism.

If we're not targeted by the police, our reporters are often targets of intimidation, threats and sometimes even physical assaults from activists. Many times when they're working, our team will have a professional (and expensive) private security detail with them. But, as you know, sometimes things move at the speed of news and our journalists have to immediately move to cover important stories.

In those instances, our reporters do their best to avoid any conflicts. Sometimes, however, because our people are so well known for their good journalism, they become targets for the bad guys.

Now, the last thing I want to do as the head of journalism here at Rebel News is to call David Menzies' wife, or Alexa's mom, or Tamara Ugolini's husband to say that their loved one has been hurt.

Our team won't be intimidated, we won't be bullied, and we won't stop bringing our audience the other side of the story. That's our commitment to our supporters, and we're not going to let Antifa thugs stop us.

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