Artur Pawlowski announces run for leadership of the Independence Party of Alberta

Rebel News was joined by Pastor Artur Pawlowski to get insight on his next steps in his fight for liberties and prosperity in Alberta.

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Artur has had change boiling in his bones since he began his battle with the establishment over 20 years ago, when he started experiencing arrests and injustice for feeding the homeless and reading his Bible in the streets. These unfortunate experiences intensified during these last two years, as the crackdown on our rights and civil liberties reached a new peak. You can see Artur's run-ins with the law in the name of religious freedom, and his legal wins made possible by your tax-deductible donations, at

In spite of all of the challenges these last few years, Artur has found motivation to call for change in the province of Alberta. He joins us today to give you more information on why he has made the choice to run for leadership of the Independence Party of Alberta, as well as provide details outlining his platform.

Having lost hope in our political system, Artur is calling for a grassroots movement to take charge and re-imagine our provincial government and structure.

This Friday, August 19, is the last day to purchase a membership to vote for the leader of the Independence Party of Alberta, with the vote set to take place on September 10.

Could Pastor Artur Pawlowski be the new William Aberhart or Ernest Manning?

Follow along for more news on Artur and coverage of his Alberta leadership bid at

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