VINDICATED: Pastor Artur Pawlowski on his legal victory

Fresh off his big win at the Alberta Court of Appeal, Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins The Ezra Levant Show for an exclusive in-depth interview.

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If you are a regular viewer of this show, or indeed of our YouTube channel, you will recognize this video.

That is from the very early days of the pandemic, you can see it was still snowing in spring of 2020 in Calgary. Police came upon Pastor Artur Pawlowski, doing what he has done for decades, actually — feeding the hungry in Calgary, and not just any hungry. There are soup kitchens, and homeless shelters, but these are the lowliest of the low, who in some cases aren't even allowed into homeless shelters.

It was a cold day, he was feeding them, when these cops came up to Artur and his team, physically pushed them, gave them a massive ticket and claimed they were engaging in an illegal gathering. And thus began a series of abusive vendettas, really, that led to more than 16 arrests of Artur and his brother Dawid.

Nearly two months in prison, various convictions for health orders, and a most bizarre and un-Canadian sentence put upon him by a Liberal-appointed judge named Adam Germain. A judge who said that not only was Artur Pawlowski banned from travelling outside of Alberta — no more speaking tours for him — but any time Artur would give a sermon in his church, do a media interview on television, even make a Facebook post, he would have to immediately break out this little script hand-written by the judge himself, in which Artur would have to denounce himself and read the judge's version of the truth.

It was outrageous, it was two years of harassment and vengeance by the Calgary police and the RCMP and the prosecutors. I estimate that more than $2 million was spent targeting Artur alone, without counting the other clergy in Alberta.

I say this because I know a little about the amount of money that has gone into defending Artur Pawlowski. Make no mistake about it — had Rebel News viewers not crowdfunded over this two and a half year legal battle, we would not have had the ultimate victory that we had on Friday when the highest court in Alberta unanimously ruled that the entire legal basis for all of the arrests and harassment was built on sand.

The order didn't apply to Artur, the order was vague, and the fruits from that poison tree were themselves poison. None of the arrests, imprisonment or punishments were valid, and indeed, Justice Adam Germain's bizarre compelled speech provision was a violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And that the government had to give back every penny in fines that Artur and his brother Dawid had paid, and in fact, the government had to pay for the cost of the appeal itself.

I don't know how they'll compensate Artur for his two months in prison, much of it in solitary confinement.

Pastor Artur joins me tonight to discuss his victory against what the Court of Appeal called an “illegal lockdown provision.”

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