WATCH: Authorities KNOW they went too far with BRUTAL lockdowns

Sky News host Andrew Bolt calls out authorities for 'losing their minds' in enforcing brutal Covid lockdowns in Victoria.

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt has called out authorities for "losing their minds" in enforcing brutal Covid lockdown measures which have since seen Victoria Police forced to settle massive compensation payouts using taxpayer funds.

Victoria’s Labour government's extreme lockdown measures caused outrage and police brutality against citizens who dared to protest them.

In a recent interview with Andrew Bolt, Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini announced that the police have now settled with his secuity guard Daniel and paid him a "six-figure sum" as compensation for the unlawful arrest.

When asked if the police had given a reason for the settlement, Yemini replied, "I don't think they need to say why, I think it's quite clear that they knew they were going to lose in court, so they were cutting their losses."

During the interview, Yemini also spoke about the police's treatment of him and Daniel during the lockdown period, stating, "It was certainly not accidental. For anyone who's seen any of the footage, it was clear that we were targeted."

He went on to express his disappointment with the media's silence on the issue, saying, "The fact that there's almost complete media silence now that not only when police have apologised, you've run it about half a dozen times. And the mainstream media hadn't run that till this morning, when Neil Mitchell read out the apology to the Police Commissioner when he asked him about it."

"It hadn't been in the mainstream media and the fact that a security guard was paid a whopping 140,000 tax dollars and not a murmur in the mainstream media. I think we can agree that they haven't even found their minds yet. And it's up to the public to wake up before it's too late," Yemini said.

It's clear that the brutal lockdown measures imposed by Victoria's labour government went too far and had severe consequences for its citizens. The recent payouts to victims serve as a reminder of the need for accountability and proper treatment of citizens and working professionals during times of crisis. With the mainstream media's silence on the issue, Yemini said that it's up to the public to wake up and demand change.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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