FORGET ABC FAKE NEWS: Avi Yemini and Real Rukshan arrive in Alice Springs

Rebel News is on a mission to uncover the truth in the heart of Australia.

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I've arrived in Alice Springs to report on what's really happening in a town at the centre of Australia's cultural conflict as crime runs rampant and the mainstream media presents its own distorted view of reality.

It's become clear that we cannot rely on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to report the truth about what's happening here.

False reports of 'white supremacy' plaguing the town have dominated the news agenda, but what is really happening on the ground here? Forces within the media and politics have their own reasons to stoke racial tensions as Australia readies to vote on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament this year, but what do local indigenous people make of it? 

We flew all the way to the middle of the country to bring you the other side of the story because we can't trust biased broadcasts from mainstream outlets.

I'm joined by independent reporter Rukshan Fernando and security personnel, Daniel Jones, and our mission is to talk directly to the locals, to understand the issues and hear what the real solutions are. We want to give them a real voice without the mainstream media filter.

We will not rely on journalists or politicians, but instead, we will get the people on the ground to speak up and share their experiences. You can follow all our reports and have your say on the whole issue by visiting

Despite our good intentions, the cost of coming here has been enormous. It cost $4,357 to fly the three of us here, not to mention the cost of accommodation and the car we've had to hire.

We are not the ABC and we do not take your tax dollars to fund fake news. We rely on your help to keep us going, so please donate whatever you can.

We are on a mission to tell the truth from what's happening in Alice Springs from the people who are experiencing these issues first-hand. We want to give them a voice and make sure their stories are heard.

Follow us at to stay updated with our latest reports. Watch this space for more updates and exclusive reports.

We believe that the locals have a right to be heard and that their stories deserve to be shared.

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