“I want to get back to the classroom!” Teacher makes case for heading back to school

An Ontario teacher recently reached out to me with concerns about what the classroom and education system will look like for teachers and students going back to school.

While some alarmists want to keep schools closed until the virus is eliminated completely — not a very practical goal — more moderate teachers are demanding smaller class sizes and enhanced safety protocols.

On the other side, there are teachers like the one I spoke to, who have genuine concerns about the psychological, mental and emotional health of their students if schools remain closed, or if there are re-opened, but with dramatic, untested measures in effect. What will happen to collaboration, human connection and hands-on learning in the future?

Feeling as though his ability to teach hands on and connect with students will be almost entirely hindered by masks and distancing, this teacher felt he needed to speak up about it.

When politics and union interference get in the way of teachers doing their jobs, we have to ask: who suffers most?