Balloon saga shows Trudeau, Biden willing to keep China's secrets

If shooting down the balloon was a safety concern, why wasn't it shot down over the expansive emptiness of Alaska or the Northwest Territories? Ezra Levant thinks there's more to the story.

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In case you've somehow managed to miss it, the U.S. successfully shot down a Chinese spy balloon which had been floating over North America for days. President Biden told the press that he pushed to shoot the balloon down earlier, only to receive advice from his generals to wait until it was over a safer, less populous area.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his take on this story that has captured everyone's attention.

Showing the vast extent of defensive radar monitoring stations stretching around the top of North America, which is where the balloon first entered American and Canadian airspace, and explaining the sparsely populated nature of the North, Ezra cast doubt on Biden's justification for not shooting the balloon down earlier:

You can see that the balloon would have — or should have — been detected on many occasions. It basically should have been constantly detected, because it was going down the coast pretty much, just setting off radar all the way down.

Did it? And if so, why was it kept secret?

I do not believe Biden's excuse for not shooting it down earlier. Shooting it down over Alaska or the Northwest Territories or even northern B.C. would have had a miniscule risk of hurting someone below. There is no one on the ground, other than those few towns in Alaska and Northwest Territories.  It is empty — I've been there! Frankly, they could have issued a public warning to anyone in the area. Especially in remote areas, but they didn't.

That's the point.

I really don't think they wanted anyone to know, they thought they could keep it a secret for the Chinese. When I say they, I mean Trudeau and Biden. Both are deeply committed to China.

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