Barbecue Rebellion Day 8: Protesters grill, while police continue to occupy Adamson BBQ

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Burnt to a crisp! It’s sad to see what remains of Adamson Barbecue.

This eatery — which was beloved for its superb brisket — was forcibly closed late last week thanks to public health head honcho Dr. Eileen de Villa and Mayor John Tory. 

This dynamic duo sent in all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to quell what became known as “The Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion.” Owner Adam Skelly was eventually arrested, handcuffed and jailed for trespassing on his own property while he was trying to feed hungry customers.

Meanwhile, his property was seized, boarded up and fenced off. It made one wonder if Adamson Barbecue was situated in the Dominion of Canada or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea...

Still, Skelly has a legion of loyal supporters, and dozens of them gathered on Wednesday afternoon to show their allegiance to the restaurateur. 

What’s more, they brought with them a small barbecue to cook up hot dogs and sausages. Irony alert: they were essentially doing the same thing outside the restaurant that Adam had been doing inside the restaurant — but no arrests were made. How does one make sense of it all?

Meanwhile, at his daily press conference, Mayor Tory was quick to promote an initiative called “Takeout Wednesday," in which he urged Torontonians to support small restaurants. Tory said it was about “saving jobs and saving businesses.”

What about Adam Skelly's job and business, Mayor Tory?

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