B.C. byelection candidate says provincial, federal Liberals 'two sides of the same coin'

Lawyer Dallas Brodie of the Conservative Party of British Columbia speaks with Rebel News before Vancouver-Quilchena heads to the polls on Saturday to elect a new MLA.

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With only three days left before the final day to vote in the byelection to be next Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Vancouver-Quilchena riding, another candidate, in addition to the BC Libertarian Party’s candidate, has made it clear she plans to stand for medical freedoms, and less government control if elected.

Ms. Dallas Brodie, a lawyer, is running as the Conservative Party of British Columbia's candidate, and tells us that she is the only one out of the five contenders to have grown up in the Vancouver-Quilchena area. As well, she has previously worked on B.C. Liberal campaigns — not affiliated with the federal Liberals — and says the B.C. Liberal Party has “moved farther and farther left” to the point she can no longer “distinguish them from the NDP.”

The MLA seat up for grabs is vacant due to the resignation of former leader of the B.C. Liberals, Andrew Wilkinson.  The B.C. Liberals' new party leader, Mr. Kevin Falcon, is also competing to fill the vacancy. “He is very similar to the federal Liberals, and that’s what I think they are” said Brodie when I questioned her about her campaign video that states that Falcon and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are “two sides of the same Liberal coin.”  Dallas further pointed to the B.C. Liberal leader openly chastising BC Liberal Party MLA Mike de Jong for publicly endorsing MP Pierre Poilievre for leadership of the federal Conservatives, to strengthen her point.

Brodie ended our interview by adding “we need to get the government to recede from our lives and get back to personal privacy, personal freedoms.”

Watch my full interview with Brodie as she discusses what direction she would take for addressing homeless encampments, high housing costs, taxation, and government overreach including COVID-19 mandates, if elected the next MLA for the Vancouver-Quilchena area.

For the latest on our leadership race coverage, including the federal Conservative Party of Canada’s race, head to LeadershipReports.ca.


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