Biker gangs have infiltrated the Canada Revenue Agency: Internal Report

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Outlaw biker gangs have infiltrated the Federal Government to access the data of Canadians.

And the shocking details concerning the Canada Revenue Agency only came out in testimony before the Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.

Blacklock's Reporter has the full story behind their paywall:

“Michel Lafleur, manager of investigations at the internal affairs division, told the Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board. The Agency “has seen several serious risk situations materialize through employees’ associations with criminals”. In one case, “a CRA employee became romantically involved with a biker gang member and used her access to give the gang personal information about their debtors and their lawyers,” said a Board report.

“Another employee involved with a biker gang used his access to provide gang members with personal information about members of the police force, for example child care locations,” wrote Board adjudicator Nancy Rosenberg.

So I dug up a 2018 article about this exact, bizarre situation of biker gangs infiltrating the national tax agency:

CRA worker who was secretly an outlaw biker gets 30 months for snooping in people's files

The CRA has had a problem protecting your privacy from criminals and nosy public-sector union employees for years.

WATCH the video to find out more about this breach, and to hear about the history of infiltration.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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