Blocked access: Rebel News' attempt at United Nations accreditation

Independent media outlets encounter significant hurdles while seeking accreditation for United Nations events, revealing a clear and deliberate effort by the UN to obstruct our accreditation process.

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The United Nations, founded in 1945 in the aftermath of World War II, initially had a noble mission: to maintain international peace.

However, today, its primary focus centers on the Sustainable Development Goals, a critical aspect of the 2030 Agenda aimed at achieving 17 global objectives.

Simultaneously, the UN is actively addressing climate change, at times employing alarmist narratives to raise awareness of the potential global consequences.

An essential point to underscore is that the United Nations is not an organization elected by Canadians. Instead, it comprises a select group of oligarchs and elites who control a significant portion of the world's wealth.

Paradoxically, these elites, who are responsible for a substantial share of greenhouse gas production, largely evade genuine efforts to reduce emissions. Nevertheless, they are the ones dictating that ordinary citizens must make sacrifices to save the world.

Skeptical media outlets like ours, who have sought to uncover the UN's inconsistencies, are met with resistance and are systematically excluded from their private meetings.

The UN prefers to tightly control how their events are covered, leaving no room for scrutiny or challenging questions.

We applied for accreditation to attend the "Sustainable Development Goals Summit" in New York, held from September 18-19, with the sincere intention of addressing critical issues such as ending world hunger, poverty reduction, universal education, and improved access to clean water and sanitation.

Nevertheless, it prompts us to contemplate how much personal freedom we must be willing to surrender in pursuit of these noble goals.

The United Nations wields considerable power and influence globally.

Consequently, if they opt not to engage with skeptical media outlets, these outlets face numerous impediments throughout the accreditation process.

This is the stark reality behind the scenes of the media acceptance process.

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