Brampton reacts to maskless Patrick Brown: “You gotta lead by example”

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We went to Brampton’s Garden Square to ask Bramptonians about Mayor Patrick Brown’s style of leadership (i.e., “One rule for thee, one rule for me.”)

And we asked about his ongoing jihad against Bramptonians who dare violate Wuhan virus protocols. At the end of July, almost 600 residents had been zapped with those $880 tickets; meanwhile, Brown wants to fine one homeowner a staggering $100,000 for having a house party!

But at the same time, His Worship likes to break the same rules he had previously signed into law!

Well, for the most part, King Brown isn’t receiving a glowing endorsement from his subjects.

Indeed, when asked to rate The Khaleesi’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10, some respondents rated Brown as low as negative 11! Ouch.

Residents aren’t that keen on the way the Mayor seems to lie about everything when he gets caught red-handed breaking the rules he tells everyone else to obey  or else!

You might recall our visit to a Brampton rink two weeks ago when Brown claimed he was simply there to check out the facility.

Who knew that Patrick was proficient in the art of Zamboni mechanics? And, um, kindly disregard the bright orange Wayne Gretzky hockey bag with Patrick’s name and number  00  affixed to it.

He then went on to falsely claim that we claimed to be with MapleLeafsTV (which is actually called Leafs Nation Network, by the way.)

And he claimed he got to the rink at 5:50 (implying he was there too late to play) when our video clearly shows he was there before 5:25.

Say, we’d like to list all the lies Patrick Brown has spun in the media about that incident but we’re not Encyclopedia Britannica, alas…

Bottom line: you don’t have to be a pollster to realize that Brown’s chances of re-election in the Flower City might not be a sure bet anymore.

Then again, why did Brown run for Mayor of Brampton in the first place? He’s a lifelong Barrie resident, with no connection whatsoever to this city in Peel Region.

Oh yeah  we almost forgot: after being shamefully drummed out of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (where he was on the fast-track to becoming the province’s premier back in 2018), Brown still had an insatiable desire for power for the sake of… power, as opposed to public service.

And from what we can tell, the people of Brampton are no longer buying what Patrick Brown is selling.

But on the bright side, since he is so proficient in arena maintenance, perhaps he can snag a job driving that Zamboni come 2022.

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