Calgarians continue rallying for freedom despite city injunction's fourth week

Hundreds of pro-freedom demonstrators gathered in Calgary's streets to protest against vaccine mandates for a fourth consecutive weekend, despite the city's injunction.

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Despite a City of Calgary injunction designed to significantly curb anti-vaccine mandate demonstrators' capacity to protest remaining in place for the fourth consecutive week, people were once again out in the hundreds at Calgary City Hall, demanding that the Charter-enshrined rights and freedoms of all Canadians be respected.

Police presence was still noticeable, but it was significantly lessened compared to the prior weekends’ rallies. We did notice some peace officers noting the licence plates of people driving near the protest and laying on the horn, but unlike the three previous protests that took place since the onset of the injunction, we didn't see anyone getting pulled over and ticketed for daring to honk.

In Olympic Plaza, a large downtown park across the street from city hall, a group of pro-Palestinian protesters were gathered. They occupied a small stretch the sidewalk and were chanting and holding signs. While their protests seemingly flouted some of the rules of the injunction, and mere weeks earlier the anti-mandate protesters were ejected from the very same park, their protest was seemingly arbitrarily allowed to carry on without enforcement.

Regardless of cause, this further evidenced the ideological and targeted stifling of certain groups under this injunction and the lack of even application of the law that has run rampant since the onset of COVID-19, with perhaps no example quite so glaring as the ongoing persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Speaking of pastor persecution, we dropped by Pastor Derek Reimer’s ongoing street ministry as the protest was wrapping up to see if he’d been pestered by police at all after the bogus arrest and release he endured one week prior.

While people continue to protest for an end to vaccine mandates, another great way that you can help in the fight against medical segregation is by making a tax receipt-eligible donation to the legal fight against vaccine mandates at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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