Menzies made a sandcastle at beach quarantined on Canada Day

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Welcome to Cobourg — a laidback place that sports the official slogan of ”Canada’s feel good town.” Alas, Cobourg Town Council might want to rewrite that particular slogan. 

You see, there is very little that is “feel good” about Cobourg these days — especially if one is to visit the town’s famous beach.

That’s because a steel fence, reminiscent of post-1945 Berlin, has been erected at the beach, cutting off residents and tourists alike from the sand and the surf.

Indeed, only seagulls get to frolic on the Cobourg beach these days, a patch of now-forbidden real estate that is closely monitored by the local Stasi (er, I mean police) who are oh-so-ready to issue one of those $880 Wuhan virus tickets should any humanoid have the temerity to wade into the water.

Gee, where, pray tell, is this level of security when it comes to preventing illegal aliens from waltzing into Canada from the United States at such “irregular” border crossings as Roxham Road

But how sad.

At Cobourg Beach, there is water, water everywhere — but only for the fish, it would appear.

And what of Cobourg’s famous sandcastle competition that is held every summer? Is that, too, cancelled due to the Wuhan virus? Probably.

Enough is enough: in a quasi-act of civil disobedience, I decided to build my own sandcastle on a tiny patch of beach that was not fenced off.

Check out my act of defiance against Cobourg, which has now become an overprotective nanny state.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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