Canadian economy won't have federal re-opening plan until at least Winter 2021

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Trudeau's government has no plans to re-open the economy for at least six months.

With the national economic engine of Canada, the province of Alberta facing a debt crisis, the federal Liberals have a solution: Hand down a sole-sourced contract to create a virtual workshop to advise on how to re-open the economy.

Look at this, from the government of Canada's procurement website:

Associated activities will be conducted virtually, and the resulting Workshop Agreement will be made publicly available at no fee to the public, in both official languages. This Workshop Agreement may serve as a foundational document for future epidemics/pandemics.

Here are a few of the areas covered in this sole-sourced contract:

  • Guidance for opening buildings and facilities, and restarting operations;
  • Guidance for organizations on safely returning employees to the workplace, and clients to
    facilities (e.g. retail space);
  • Considerations for diverse stakeholder groups (e.g. GBA+)...

The pandemic was declared in March. Kids were kicked out of school and hundreds of thousands of people were locked out of their jobs. In March! And only now, are the Liberals looking at how to re-open the economy?

And here's the most ridiculous part: the contract is due six months from now, in winter 2021.

Trudeau is going to keep this mess going as long as possible, and we now know, at least for the next 6 months.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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