Canadian employers won’t hire outspoken Muslim advocates, says Trudeau’s Islamophobia rep

Amira Elghawaby, the author of a report to Parliament on combatting ‘Islamophobia’, provided no examples to substantiate her claims.

Canadian employers won’t hire outspoken Muslim advocates, says Trudeau’s Islamophobia rep
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Canadian employers won’t hire outspoken Muslim advocates of “Palestinian human rights,” says cabinet’s Special Representative on Combating Islamophobia. 

“Over the past several months Canadian Muslims have shared their growing concerns about an increase in an anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab backlash,” said the report, A Hopeful Path Forward For Canada’s Muslim Communities. It claims such advocacy led to a loss of income, threats to current or future employment, harassment, violence, vandalism and exclusion.

Amira Elghawaby, the author and special representative, provided no examples to substantiate her claims, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

Alleged hiring bans followed the October 7 killing and kidnapping of 1,200 Jews in Israel by Hamas, including eight Canadians.

Parliament recognized Hamas as a terrorist entity, under the Criminal Code in November 2002.

“We have been watching heartbreaking scenes from the Middle East over the past several months,” wrote Elghawaby, who emphasized a “distressing number of civilian deaths and injuries” in the aftermath of Hamas terror.

At least 34,568 Palestinians have been killed and 77,765 wounded in Israel's military offensive on Gaza since October 7, the Gaza health ministry said in a statement, whose statistics are in dispute.

“The war has had a direct impact on many in our country including Canadian Muslims and particularly those of Palestinian descent,” wrote Elghawaby, noting many face “anxiety” about their ability to assemble and freely express themselves on Palestinian human rights. She did not elaborate.

Last January, the Trudeau government appointed Elghawaby to a $ 191,000-a-year cabinet adviser role. “She has demonstrated throughout her years sensitivity and openness,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters.

However, her appointment is not without controversy.

Elghawaby earlier faced calls to step down as special representative over past insinuations she made about Québec.

She linked “anti-Muslim sentiment” to Bill 21, which bans government employees from wearing religious symbols at work.

Elghawaby also supports federal 'online harms' legislation that regulates the internet.

“If we don’t get a handle on the hate, the misinformation that’s fuelling a lot of the extremist views that are harming us … Muslims, then it’s almost two steps forward, three steps back,” she said on internet censorship.

Elghawaby, a former journalist and activist, described Jews as “hostage takers” in a 2021 Toronto Star column. She also condemned the “Israeli occupation” as an ‘apartheid’.

Palestinians in Gaza were “long held hostage by the Israeli government,” she wrote.

“Call out Israel’s actions, not only Hamas’ rockets.”

In other Star columns, she described Canada Day as a celebration of “Judeo-Christian storytelling” that should be cancelled and called the monarchy “one of the most powerful symbols of racial oppression.”

“Remove the Queen as head of state,” she wrote, calling that a “necessary step” against historical figures who “engaged in racist policies.” 

Records identify Elghawaby as a guest speaker at a 2017 demonstration “against white supremacy and racism” outside the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. 

Are You An Anti-Fascist?” the Star headlined a January 13, 2021, column by Elghawaby. “Time to wake up,” she wrote.

Elghawaby, in her Hopeful Path report to Parliament, said she considered herself an advocate for the nation’s 1.8 million Muslims. “I have been working to ensure Canada has adequate tools to safeguard the rights and dignity of Canadian Muslims,” she wrote.

“We have launched resources and connected communities to the federal government,” wrote Elghawaby. “We are also working internally towards systemic change called for by Muslim communities.”

“Social change takes time. It must overcome decades if not centuries of outdated tropes, myths and stereotypes about who Muslims are.”

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  • By Raheel Raza

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