Canadian teacher gets cancelled for teaching truth about residential school deaths

A B.C. schoolteacher claims he’s being cancelled for teaching outside of the box by daring to educate his students about the leading cause of death during the time residential schools were in operation.

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Jim McMurtry, son of retired chief justice of Ontario Roy McMurtry and an award-winning educator of nearly 40 years, says his “non-conformist teaching which sometimes combats the political indoctrination of school” has been met with him being suspended twice, his pay docked, and him now facing a recommendation for termination by the Abbotsford School District.

McMurtry's second suspension occurred after he says teachers were asked to educate the children about the then-recent claim by the Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation band that "the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School," some "as young as three years old” had been discovered buried at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS).

Jim, whose teaching specialty is history, then began to teach the kids about the main causes of death during the time residential schools were in operation. The primary cause of death illness, predominately tuberculosis, along with secondary causes such as fires and neglect.

Despite such information being true and easily verifiable, Jim says he was marched out of the high school calculus class he was substituting in and promptly put on an 8-month suspension.

That was May 31, 2021, and Jim still hasn’t learned whether or not his career will be ended over such a matter. Since then, it’s been proven, as seen in Rebel News' exclusive documentary Kamloops: The Buried Truth, that to date, no child’s remains have officially been discovered at the former KIRS. Even the expert whose work was the catalyst for the false misleading claims that were reported initially and sometimes still are, now says she located “200 probable targets of interest” instead.

Click on the full report to hear Jim detail what it has been like to go through the past 17 months while separated from a career he loves. Rebel News reached out to the Abbotsford School District to invite them to provide their side of this story, but did not receive a response.

If you have yet to watch our exclusive documentaries, including our investigative piece which shows you what’s really been discovered so far at the former KIRS, subscribe for full access at

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