Cancel culture at its worst: Interview with free speech lawyer Philip Slayton

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, free speech lawyer Philip Slayton joined Ezra to discuss the rise of cancel culture and how situations like the museum curator fired for still accepting white artists are removed for saying something reasonable. 

From Philip's perspective, we need more support from our institutions:

The question Ezra, is: how do you reign it in? How do you stop this sort of nonsense [from] happening? And I think — as I suggested to you earlier — that part of it is the responsibility of institutions, of universities for example, or the cbc for example, to stand up to this, to be able to make a judgement as to when the criticism that's levelled is perhaps legitimate and when it clearly isn't legitimate.

Philip also has a new book for sale, Nothing Left to Lose: An Impolite Report on the State of Freedom in Canada.

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