Catherine McKenna hangs up after Keean Bexte asks about “missing” infrastructure projects

Under Canadian Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna’s forgetful watch, the department has misplaced billions of dollars and over 20,000 individual projects nation wide.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed that more than a third of all of McKenna’s projects are nowhere to be found, despite McKenna saying that all projects were either done, or almost done.

After all the local dignitaries spoke, Rebel News was first to ask a question.

McKenna stood by on the video conference call while I asked her about the missing projects and if any of them were aimed at addressing the ballooning unemployment rate in the area.

After a brief pause, McKenna audibly clicked out of the teleconferencing call.

According to Prasad Panda, Alberta’s Minister of Infrastructure:

“Alberta’s Recovery Plan focuses on infrastructure as a critical component for promoting economic growth and jobs for Albertans.

“This includes supporting important construction projects, like the new aquatic facility in Drayton Valley and the 19 other central Alberta ICIP projects we are supporting, that help keep Albertans working and stimulate local economies at a time when Albertans face unprecedented unemployment.”