CLOWN WORLD: The moment unhinged Antifa dominate Davos

Two busloads of Antifa protesters, some of whom were dressed like clowns, showed up to protest the annual gathering of globalists at the World Economic Forum.

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Antifa truly are clowns. Our Rebel News team just landed in Davos, and it's already starting to feel like a bad joke.

We're here in Switzerland with a team of six journalists to cover this year's World Economic Forum summit, where globalist politicians and business leaders converge in the Swiss Alps to rub elbows and scheme ways to ensure you own nothing and are happy about it.

While we were exploring the city ahead of the event's kickoff on Monday, we happened upon a large group of Antifa protesters who were squaring off with police.

It just so happened that we ran into this protesters the night before their demonstration, where we learned many of them had been bussed into Switzerland from Germany and were staying in a local gymnasium.

It was a strange sight to see, but what was even more strange was what the protesters were wearing during their rally — clown costumes. We tried to find out why they were here, but what we got instead was a lot of incoherent rambling responses to our questions.

It's no surprise to see protests here in Davos; we saw Antifa here last year. But something felt off about this one, it seemed scripted and choreographed, like the protesters were hired to be there.

The WEF's convention hasn't even kicked off yet, and we're already seeing some interesting things. We've got a whole week to go, so you know we'll encounter even more strange sights once the event gets properly underway.

That's why you need to follow along with all of our coverage at That's where you can see all of our coverage here from Davos, and where you can help us produce these reports.

Getting here wasn't easy or cheap. Our flew economy class from Australia and Canada all the way to Switzerland, and since the WEF buys out all of Davos' hotels accommodations aren't cheap.

But this is one of our most important missions of the year, and let's us put accountability questions to some of the most powerful people in the world, like last year when we grilled Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

So make sure you follow along with our work at, and chip in what you can to help us ask the questions that the mainstream media wouldn't dare ask. 

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