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Concerns grow regarding use of vaccine passports in United Kingdom

Concerns grow regarding use of vaccine passports in United Kingdom
Stefan Rousseau/Pool via AP
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The United Kingdom is running headlong into the passages of George Orwell’s 1984 with a plan to roll out vaccine passports, prompting concerns that the plans for the COVID passes are “shrouded in government coverups, lies, and shady contracts,” according to privacy watchdog Big Brother Watch. 

As the organization points out, an article in the Guardian details how the vaccine passport system was already in advanced stages of development way back in December, at the same time as government ministers were laboriously telling the public not to be concerned about vaccine passports. 

The Guardian cites a report dated December 17, originating from Swiss-based Zühlke Technology Group, which is involved with the development of the NHS track and tracing app. 

“Docs reveal Covid certificates were in advanced stages last year - when Ministers were claiming there were ‘no plans’ for them. Covid passes are shrouded in government cover ups, lies and shady contracts…” notes Big Brother Watch. “Millions of people trusted the Covid-19 app - but this report shows proposals have long been in the works to turn it into an internal health passport. How much of Dido Harding’s £37bn is being plundered on this digital nightmare whilst contact tracing fails to show real results?”

“Covid passes would be the first attempt at a segregation policy in Britain for decades. They would disadvantage the most marginalised people in our country, dividing communities without reducing risks,” added the organization. “We cannot allow this government to create a two-tier discriminatory dystopia.”

As noted by Paul Joseph Watson, the report includes diagrams of an app-based COVID certificate with scannable QR codes. The entire system is connected to the NHS app, and as noted by Watson, “almost exactly mirrors how the now official COVID pass looks.”

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