Concluding our COVID immunity experiment

One was double vaccinated. The other was confirmed to have recovered from the virus. Here's what we learned after five months of private clinical testing.

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My new blood work, with a test newly available in Canada, throws into question much of the vaccination and testing rhetoric we are hearing from public health officers and politicians

Everything failed!

For the past five months, my friend and I have been going to a private lab to test ourselves for COVID 19 antibodies. One of us has had a diagnosed COVID-19 infection last spring, and the other one of us was double vaccinated last summer and never boosted.

We set out on this journey to prove that two people, with matching levels of COVID antibodies, get treated very differently in society.

One of us is part of the biomedical elite and the other is in the bottom health caste, one of the unclean banned from flying and taking a train, and for a time when the vaccine passport was in effect, prohibited from going to the gym, movies, bars, restaurants, pools and rec centres.

We were also testing each month to see if the politicians were right about when they say the naturally immune need a vaccine too. Who would see a degradation of antibodies first? But something strange happened. We saw no change in antibodies, month after month, even though the vaccinated one of us was long overdue for a booster. The vaccines could not be this resilient, could they?

We were able to take another recently-added blood test at the private lab we use, Ichor, to get to the bottom of this mystery. A T cell test looks for natural immunity, not just antibody levels acquired through any means and we took that one about two weeks ago.

We were suspicious. Our vaccinated individual was sick three times — not seriously — over the last 5 months, but not before then. Each time, that person took a COVID test to protect the integrity of our experiment. One test was at a lab, and the others were done with at-home rapid tests. All came back negative.

Today there is new data out of Ontario which shows that the triple vaccinated — twice vaccinated and once boosted — are contracting the coronavirus at a greater rate than any other vaccination status demographic.

There is also data that shows nearly two-thirds of people who are asymptomatic of COVID and 20 per cent of those who are symptomatic are getting false negatives from their tests in the best of testing conditions.

These two facts explain why both my friend and I tested positive for T cells. We are both naturally immune. And I think this means my fun little experiment is over.

It was a failure of the vaccines and a failure of the COVID tests, all at once. We really should have known!

And yet, only one of us is able to travel because that person took a vaccine that failed.

All of this blood work is done out of pocket, because public labs in Alberta are not permitted to process these tests even when ordered by a doctor. The healthcare system blocks it.

We had to send our blood out of the country at considerable expense to prove how wrong and discriminatory governments all across the country have been to innocent Canadians who simply chose a different ride for themselves, other than getting on the big pharma merry-go-round for life.

To support our research costs, please consider making a donation to, and thank you to everyone who supported this project along the way. This was one of the most emailed stories I've ever done!

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