Conservative MP ejected from House of Commons for calling Trudeau a ‘liar’

The Senate on Tuesday by a 40 to 39 vote rewrote Conservative Bill C-234 to exclude heating barns from carbon tax relief designated for Canadian farmers.

Conservative MP ejected from House of Commons for calling Trudeau a ‘liar’
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Conservative MP Damien Kurek got booted from the House of Commons Wednesday after calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a 'liar.'

"The Prime Minister promised the Senate would be independent but the actions this past week prove that is a complete farce," said Kurek. "We know he bullied his senators," he claimed.

The Senate on Tuesday by a 40 to 39 vote rewrote Conservative Bill C-234, An Act To Amend The Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, a rare piece of legislation that past the Commons without support from the governing Liberals. If it had passed, it would have provided farmers with immediate carbon tax relief on propane and natural gas used to dry grain and heat livestock barns.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, Québec Senator Pierre Dalphond sponsored an amendment to exclude barns from the bill, earning the support of Liberal-appointed senators.

Although the prime minister did not comment on the need for a Bill C-234 rewrite, 64 of the current 94 senators are Trudeau appointees including members sitting as "independents" or "progressives" who have never opposed a Liberal measure.

"The prime minister himself was on the phone over the weekend telling them they had to gut Bill C-234," claimed Kurek. "The prime minister lied. His minions continue to lie."

When asked to apologize by the House Speaker, Kurek said: "I will not apologize to that prime minister when he continues to lie." After multiple asks, he received the boot.

The Commons in 2021 passed a similar Conservative-sponsored Bill C-206 but it lapsed in the Senate. The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) in a 2020 Legislative Costing Note said extending carbon tax relief for farmers would cost about $59 million annually.

The bill sponsor, Conservative MP Ben Lobb, noted Thursday the amendment had the effect of sending C-234 back to the Commons for several months.

"We’re not quite at the last out in the ninth inning," he said. "It might be the top of the ninth."

The Commons passed the bill last March 29 by a 176 to 145 vote with support from Conservative, Bloc Québécois and New Democrat MPs and three Liberal members. 

"Obviously the amendment that passed really did a lot of damage to the full intent of the bill," said Lobb.

"Liberal-appointed senators who voted for the amendment, I really don’t know what they are thinking," he added. "They really missed the boat on this one and could have provided a great opportunity for farmers."

This is a developing story.

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