COVID charges are disgraceful revenue raising mechanisms | Avi Yemini tells David Menzies

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On this week's edition of Rebel Roundup with David Menzies, Rebel Chief Australian Correspondent, Avi Yemini, joined David to discuss the heartbreaking story of a homeless man fined for living in his car during the pandemic.

The man, from Melbourne, Australia, had been saving up his money in an effort to get out of his car and into a home before police slapped him with a ticket worth over $1,500 — more than half of his savings.

Avi explained to David how outrageous this whole scenario was:

[This scenario] is something we're seeing here on a daily basis, where people who are on their own doing whatever they're doing... whatever they're doing, they're alone until police approach and break that 1.5m social distancing. There's no logic to it, it makes no sense and it's just revenue raising at the most disgraceful level.

David even thought the story reminded him of a Fight The Fines case covered in Canada, where a man was charged for stopping in a coffee shop's parking lot to eat.

For more information about how Avi Yemini and Rebel News are leading the charge and fighting the fines in Australia, visit:

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