Homeless man FINED in Melbourne for 'breaching curfew' by living in his car

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The cruelty of these pandemic police will break your heart.

Daniel Wright is homeless but he’s getting his life back on track. That’s hard to do in the pandemic lockdown, but he’s saved up $3,000 and he’s living in his car until he can get an apartment again.

But then the pandemic police came by. They saw him sleeping in his car and they started to hassle him. He was a threat to no-one. He was bothering no-one. It was midnight — no-one else was around. But they gave him a $1,652 fine for breaking the “curfew”. 

Except, he wasn’t — his car is his home, for now. Who is he threatening?

This story is heartbreaking. Watch Daniel tell you what happened, in his own words

How do you feel about that kind of policing? That’s not police work at all, is it?  The motto of the police in Victoria State is “Uphold the Right”. That’s the opposite of what they did. They punished a man who did nothing wrong. And their obscene fine will take half his life’s savings — money he needs to get out of his car and into his apartment to restart his life.

They said they wanted to “flatten the curve”, but they flattened our civil liberties instead. There’s no way Daniel can pay this fine. And there’s no way he can pay for a lawyer. 

So we’re going to help him.

We’ve hired an excellent lawyer in Melbourne, Madeleine Smith, who has agreed to take the case. We’re going to pay her through crowdfunding — asking everyone who sees this video to chip in $5, $50 or even $500 to help fight back.

This is just the beginning in Melbourne. We’ve invited any Australian who has received an abusive pandemic fine to tell us their story at FightTheFines.com.au and we’ll take all the cases we can.

If your are as moved by Daniel’s story as I am, please help me help him. As you can see, we’ve found an excellent lawyer. If you give us the tools, we’ll finish the job. 

And on behalf of Daniel: thank you.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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