Edmonton police DETAIN three men at anti-lockdown protest — help us find them!

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Three men were detained at an anti COVID-19 lock-down protest in Edmonton, Alberta and Rebel News was the only media outlet on the scene for the whole protest and the arrests.

The protest started off as a rally against Trudeau’s recent arbitrary and undemocratic ban of 1500 popular models of rifles and shotguns through an order in council. However, the protest devolved as duelling factions wanted their message front and center, prompting the organizer of the gun rights protest to leave the event to the anti-lockdown, anti-forced vaccination crowd.

The sparse crowd that remained was largely practicing the social distancing prescribed by the signs around the legislature grounds- remaining 6 feet apart from others under the glare of the heavy police presence on the plaza.

Protesters defended wide variety of views

The remaining crowd was vocal and passionate and had strong opinions on everything from Bill Gates to 5G. But that’s not illegal.

So why did the police - Edmonton City Police and Legislature Sheriffs - move in to arrest and haul away three men who peacefully protested the #coronavirus lock down while remaining a safe distance from those around them? In fact, it was the police who were standing together, in a crowd, with few masks on their faces.

Exclusive: Edmonton police respond

I've reached out to the Edmonton City Police media liaison first thing this morning who informed me that:

“EPS charged one individual with two offenses under the Public Health Act’s pandemic orders for obstruction and participating in a gathering of more than 15 people. These charges involve a mandatory court appearance.

It is my understanding that two other individuals at the gathering were also dealt with under the PHA Orders by Peace Officers. I would recommend you confirm details re: any other potential charges through them.”

I’ve reached out to the Sheriff’s office to find out the fate of the other two men arrested on Sunday.

Jason Kenney releases statement

Premier Jason Kenney has issued a statement in response to the arrests, reiterating the right to peaceful protest and assembly saying that:

“...we expect law enforcement will exercise common sense in respecting both fundamental rights and protecting public health.”

The UCP government is seeking an explanation for why the arrests occurred after several other protests have gone forward with little to no police intervention.

So are we.

The Legislature belongs to us all. It’s the people’s place. If people want to shout their displeasure with the government, there is no better place to do it than the place that houses our democracy.

If you have been given unreasonable treatment or fines due to coronavirus social distancing orders, please contact us at FightTheFines.com

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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