Elites want us to eat bugs: Montrealers take a taste test

Would you get your protein from bugs? That's what globalists at the World Economic Forum want society to do in the name of sustainability, so our Rebel News Quebec team took to the streets of Montreal for a taste test.

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A new ideology that governments want to indoctrinate citizens with is one claiming that if we want to save the planet, we will have to turn to alternative sources of protein. Alternative sources such as insects, of course.

The World Economic Forum has even produced a video explaining the so-called benefits of this new diet. Ideas that have sprouted in the heads of the elites for the purpose of imposing restrictions on the population when will only do the opposite.

But is the population going to embrace entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, and forget about actual meat forever?

We visited downtown Montreal and the Old Port to ask people what their opinion was when it comes to eating insects and to see how they react to the challenge of eating a grasshopper.

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