Jagmeet Singh must end coalition with Trudeau, say protesters

The second 'Jagmeet Singh's a puppet' rally outside of the NDP leader's constituency office in Burnaby, British Columbia, has focused on both the federal coalition with Trudeau and COVID mandates.

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Is New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh a political puppet? According to a small group of protesters who gathered out side of his constituency office in Burnaby, British Columbia this past Friday, the answer is yes.

The rally was one of at least two recent “Jagmeet Singh’s a Puppet” protests that have taken place outside of Singh's office in just over a month.

The first was a small group of mostly NDP voters who were displeased with Singh’s support for the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act against the peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters who rallied outside of Parliament in Ottawa for over three weeks.

This past Friday, however, the protest, which was organized by the freedom activist group Action 4 Canada’s Burnaby chapter, was mostly in response to the recent coalition between the federal NDP’s and the Liberal Party, likely strengthening the reign of Prime Minister Trudeau for at least three more years.

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