DAY 5: Freedom Convoy still strong in Ottawa

Every trucker we spoke to states that there is no chance they are leaving anytime soon until their demands are met.

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It has become clear at this point that the truckers protesting in the city of Ottawa are not going anywhere anytime soon.

As many of you are aware, truckers and their supporters from across Canada have come to the nation’s capital demanding an end to all COVID-19 mandates.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned the convoys, and is showing no sign as of yet of dropping any federal mandates.

Every trucker we have spoken to states that there is no chance they are leaving; certainly not soon, and certainly not until their demands are met. We have been on the ground following this story since day one, and we will continue to tell you the other side of the story the whole way through.

All our convoy coverage can be viewed on Through that same website, you can sign our petition to have the cross-border vaccine mandate for truckers reversed, and if you can please consider donating to help cover our travel costs, so we can continue to bring you honest, independent journalism.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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