'Everything's up': What's causing inflation? Quebecers weigh in

Alexa Lavoie asked residents in Old Quebec City why they think inflation is skyrocketing in Canada.

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These are difficult times for most Canadian families.

The exorbitant price of gasoline is having an impact on the price of the grocery basket, which was already on the rise.

In addition, there is the explosion in the cost of rent and energy, which is contributing to the impoverishment of the middle class and those who are already below the poverty line.

The government does not want to remove taxes on gasoline because it is good for the environment.

Premier Francois Legault, for his part, has decided to offer $500 to Quebecers to help them with inflation. This very arbitrary amount does not seem to be enough, as Mr. Legault is looking to give more money to citizens.

Even Mr. Legault admitted that the wallet of Quebecers was “very affected” by inflation.

But what do people have to say about this? Here's what we've gathered as testimony on the subject.

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