Ex-leftist Greg Renouf exposes Toronto’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter radicals

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Meet Greg Renouf. He used to be a proud member of the far-left. Indeed, he was part of the Occupy movement in 2012.

But Renouf had a major change of heart. So major, in fact, he went on to disavow the progressives, Marxists and various other anarchists whom he used to admire.

So, what happened?

Well, simply put, Greg Renouf has a brain. He’s a critical thinker, and he began to take notice of the ringleaders on the far-left of the political spectrum. Soon, he noticed that their heavy-handed hypocrisy was giving way to outright insanity, and enough was enough: he dumped the far-left movement.

But like a lover scorned, the leftists who were once his friends set out to destroy Renouf, spreading vicious lies about him and trying (and sometimes succeeding) to economically penalize him based on a witches’ brew of libel and slander.

They hate Renouf because he knows “who’s who in the leftist zoo” and he also knows what they really stand for – and it’s not pretty.

We bumped into Renouf recently at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, a public square that houses city hall but a piece of real estate that has recently been turned into a Seattle-like “autonomous zone” by an organization called the Afro-Indigenous Rising Collective.

Because this group is playing the Indigenous card, they get to call their illegal encampment a “scared circle” too. Translation: don’t you dare enter this sphere unless you’re black or Indigenous or have “permission.”

On Sunday, a group called No Pride In Policing Coalition attended this “peaceful” powwow to stage something called a “Teach-In.” Much like the Afro-Indigenous Rising Collective squatters, the No Pride folks also want policing abolished. Not “defunded”, but actually liquidated. Seriously.

I interviewed Renouf and – like so many others who are fans of civilization – Renouf says he’s shocked by how much things have changed so quickly, primarily how the far-left has become increasingly violent (even though their du rigueur chant is, “love trumps hate”) and how those in charge are increasingly turning a blind eye to lawlessness and even grotesque acts of violence in the name of political correctness.

But there is a sliver of good news for those who still embrace optimism:

If Greg Renouf can do a 180-degree turn, perhaps there are others on the far-left might also experience a “come to Jesus” moment in the future, too.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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