Catherine McKenna says she’s considering regulating “everything” — but tells us it’s “hateful for us to report it!”

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Yesterday, the day of the Throne Speech, our reporter Keean Bexte was in Ottawa. He met up with various MPs just on the street, including Catherine McKenna, Trudeau's Minister for Infrastructure and Communities.

Now, here’s a tweet by Catherine McKenna, dated September 22:

It was tweeted in response to a bizarre story by journalist Martin Patriquin, who says:

The @GouvQc has a 12-person war room that ferrets out hate, misinformation and threats against premier @francoislegault published on @facebook and elsewhere

Really? Government agents who do nothing but complain about what people say about the premier? Are you not allowed to hate politicians anymore?

If they mean threats of violence, we already have trained police who handle that.

I was appalled and surprised when I saw that story. And the fact that they directly demand that Facebook delete what the premier wants deleted.

But McKenna retweeted it with approval — in French and English, no less, so it wasn’t a quick comment. It was something she had professional translated.

Yes, she says "but," however, everyone knows to ignore all the words in a sentence before the word “but”: "That dress looks nice, but…" "Sure your hairstyle is pretty, but...”

So she said it, in English and French: Regulate everything if companies don’t first.

Well, Keean bumped into her. You may have already seen his video about what happened next.

She was triggered. She calls everyone in the world names but has no time for critics. She won’t even talk with them.

McKenna responds to Keean's genuine by accusing him of lying.

But we've shown you her tweet: Keean got it right.

She also says Rebel News is making people hate her.

Yeah, no. People hate all politicians.

TONIGHT I'll talk about how McKenna uses feminism when it suits her, talking about "girl power" — while saying in essence, "You can't criticize me because I'm a girl."

NEXT: Marc Morano of joins me to talk about his new documentary, Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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