Just before the Canadian election, YouTube suspends our Rebel News channel

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Last night I received an email from YouTube.

They’re suspending our channel for a week. But frankly, it’s clear that they plan to kill us.

Just a few weeks ago they announced that they were demonetizing us — killing off $400,000 a year in revenues from ads and viewer donations called Superchats. That was step one. This is step two. I fear we’ll be gone completely within a few weeks, just deleted.

But you really have to see this video that got us suspended.

We have to assume we’re going to be killed off completely. And we knew this was coming. So we have a Plan B. The main part is to get as many of those 1.45 million YouTube subscribers, to let us know where we can find them (and how they can find us), once we're deleted.

So we want as many people as possible to go to our website, AfterYouTube.com and just take one minute to give us their name and email address or mobile phone number. That’s it. It take 30 seconds to do. Just so that when we’re deleted, we can still reach out to them.

If you’re watching this video, we already know how to contact you, since you signed up for RebelNews+, our paywalled premium shows.

You’ll see changes to our website in the weeks ahead, as we move to make our site easier to use, and more focused on capturing the kind of casual viewers YouTube used to bring to us.

YouTube says their suspension of us will be lifted next week, but we’re pretty sure they’ll come up with an excuse to hit us a third time. I genuinely think they plan to exterminate us before the Canadian election.

But as God is my witness, we will live on. The fact that YouTube and Trudeau want to silence us just proves to me how important our voice is.

I know it feels like I’m always asking for help. But that’s because Rebel News — and all of our passionate, principled reporters — are always on the front lines, fighting for you.

It’s going to take a lot more than YouTube to shut us up.

Thanks for being there for us, by the way.

GUEST: True North's Andrew Lawton (@AndrewLawton on Twitter).

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