Trudeau wants to talk about the election — but what about Afghanistan?

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Justin Trudeau called the election yesterday. He’s nowhere near the end of his term. It hasn’t even been two years. There is no crisis of confidence in Parliament — I mean that in the legal sense, as in, losing a confidence vote. In fact, all the opposition parties are only too happy to prop up Trudeau’s minority. None of them wants an election, and they keep saying so.

I don’t think I believe in a system where an unelected Governor General would deny a prime minister an election in a case like this; but I think the new Governor General, hand-picked by Trudeau just weeks ago, ought to have made Trudeau wait a bit for an answer; and you know, she could comment, in a very reserved and understated measure, that she yields to the decision of the prime minister, but on behalf of the constitutional monarchy, on behalf of the state itself, she expresses reservations about the timing of an election

I say that not because I’m sympathetic to the whining of the unprepared opposition. But because there is actually a crisis going on right now that I think behooves the prime minister to work on, rather than to ignore for the next five weeks.

And I’m talking about the disaster of our age, the handing over of Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists.

Afghanistan is so far away; 40,000 Canadians and their families know a lot about it. For 158 families, they know too much about it.

Being a good ally to America and the UK and NATO is important. But being a new woke empire, trying to teach liberal democracy and feminist and LGBTQ2+ to folks still living in medieval times, that doesn’t sound like a good use of time and money and energy, not when we have the problems we do now, over here. I’d rather spend some of those billions fixing Indian reserves and their drinking water, wouldn’t you?

You know, for years, the Afghan interpreters who helped Canadian soldiers wanted to come here, because they faced sure death over there. Trudeau didn’t help; he blocked them.

Now, though, he says he’ll bring over 20,000 of them. That’s quite a lot of interpreters for a Canadian force that never had more than 2,000 people on the ground at once. Of course, to Trudeau, it’s just another mass immigration scheme.

How can you vet 20,000 people, especially with no embassy on the ground, no security intelligence. Oh well; it didn’t stop him from bringing in 50,000 Syrians with the same problem.

I don’t think any Canadian journalist asked Trudeau if he was consulted by Biden on any of this, because I think every Canadian journalist knows the answer is “of course not” — as if Biden would value Trudeau’s comments at all, as if he would think of Trudeau.

But for Trudeau to think so little of Canada’s role there that he would call an election, literally on the day Kandahar fell, shows how unserious a man he is in serious times.

GUESTBreitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak (@JoelPollak on Twitter) on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

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