I’m sorry to tell you, but Australia is at it again

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I’m so glad I visited Australia in the before times. I don’t think I would do very well there now. New Zealand is worse. I wonder if that’s because they are so far away from everywhere else that other countries, other people, don’t take it personally when they start to fall into fascism.

I mean, I think people in Vancouver really care about Seattle; people in Calgary care about Houston and Dallas and Denver; Winnipeg and Minneapolis; Toronto and Montreal and Halifax have a connection to New York and Boston. Because they’re neighbours; across a high fence maybe. But there’s an affinity.

Who amongst us feels that closeness to Sydney or Melbourne, let alone the spare Northern Territory? There’s no buddy system in effect.

Here's my theory: Australia's hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Today I want to show you two videos.

The first one is troubling, because it shows police abusing a young girl, obviously who had done nothing wrong. It’s powerful because the amassed crowd chants “shame” at the police; which is interesting. And because the police so obviously don’t care.

Then, let me show you a video from a British website called Unherd. They’re contrarian. Sort of like Rebel.

So they interviewed a woman who was put into one of Australia’s COVID detention camps. It’s a long interview, 20 minutes, I encourage you to watch it in full.

GUEST: Alexa Lavoie (Follow @TheVoiceAlexa on Twitter) calls in to talk about her recent trip to Roxham Road.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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