Wuhan virus: Officially addicted to lockdowns

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David Menzies is guest hosting tonight's Ezra Levant Show while the boss is on assignment!

When the Wuhan virus spread to just about every place in the world, including here in Canada, the fear factor loomed large.

One didn't dare fill the gas tank unless one was wearing vinyl or latex gloves. Hand sanitizer disappeared from store shelves seemingly overnight. People began voluntarily masking up, which made non-medical masks disappear overnight as well.

People were even donning plastic goggles. Every point of entry on the body had to be protected, after all. This was surely some sort of vicious bug.

By the time the lockdowns kicked in around St. Patrick's Day, I had bought into the fear factor, too, given that so little was known about this virus.

Could I catch it by just touching an escalator handrail? And if I caught it, is it an automatic death sentence?

And so it was that the entire planet went into a mindset best described as better-safe-than-sorry.

When I look back at the early days of the virus I realize now in hindsight that I, and millions others, overreacted when it came to this strange new bug.

NEXT: Keean Bexte joins me to talk about the Church of God in Steinbach, Manitoba.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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