Ottawa police drop the mask and reveal their authoritarian side

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Take a look at this press conference by Ottawa's police chief.

Obviously his remarks were carefully scripted, I don't know by whom. But none of that is normal policing.

Much of that is illegal, if it's actually done.

That's how a police state operates. That's how they do it in Castro's Cuba. Hugo Chavez' style in Venezuela.

Both of those tyrants have passed on, but their authoritarianism remains.

As that police chief gave that bizarre threat, the Ottawa Police Twitter account published an incredible 22 tweets. A temper tantrum, outlining the chief's remarks.

On tonight's show, I'm going to go through those tweets and respond to them and tell you what we're doing in response.

GUEST: Lincoln Jay (follow @LincolnMJay on Twitter) is covering the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

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