The police cancel Parliament, and enforce Trudeau’s violent end to a peaceful protest

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Today was going to be part two of my monologue yesterday, at how Trudeau had promoted Canada’s most abusive, dirtiest cop — Bill Blair, who oversaw the G20 policing disaster — to enforce his crackdown on the peaceful trucker convoy.

I honestly thought we’d have time to do a deep dive like that, given that Parliament was still debating the Emergencies Act. My thinking was: the truckers have been there for three weeks; if anything, it’s smaller and more mild than ever. They have been complying with the court order not to honk their loud horns. They have opened up a path on every road — even Wellington, which is the main road right outside Parliament. There was a passable lane.

I thought that: well, Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act as his legal tool; that requires ratification in a Parliamentary debate and vote. That’s happening right now; it will be over in just a few days, surely he’ll wait just a couple more days to go through the motions of that. I mean, if you’re going to act without that, why bother invoking that?

But I was wrong. I should have known.

They fired the Ottawa Police chief the other day. No reasons given. I think I know why — he wasn’t prepared to get violent against peaceful protesters

So the new chief will follow orders. He’ll do whatever needs doing.

Like cancelling Parliament.

How is this going to end? Well, the protesters are offering passive resistance. They’re not fighting. They’re doing it the way Mahatma Gandhi did it — just not cooperating. Just not obeying — but not resisting. They’ll be charged. They’ll be abused. And given how the courts have been these past two years, I’m sure this latest, most outrageous assault on our liberties will be upheld by the authorities — and the media party will write a false history of it, how Trudeau and his brave police saved the country from the bouncy castles.

Yeah. We went into a national emergency for that.

What’s the point of Parliament, if this was done without waiting? What’s the point of an opposition, if they agreed to flee when police told them to flee.

What’s the point of a media if they are cheerleaders of the regime.

What’s the point of police if they don’t uphold the law — if they just follow orders.

This is deeply demoralizing to those who believe in peace order and good government, ordered liberty, limited government, liberal values. The mask has fallen off; we now know that Trudeau really is Fidel Castro’s heir, politically if not genetically.

But we also know that it was the truckers who gave us the freedoms back that are now returning, province by province, as politicians who are less violence-prone decide to give up at least some of their lockdowns.

I don’t know. I know that my own self-image as a Canadian citizen has changed. What it means to be here — in a country that I can at most call partly-free.

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