They tried calling truckers racist and sexist. It didn’t work. So now they’re calling them violent.

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Our Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgan is on the road with the truckers. So is our junior Rebel in training, Selene. You can see all of their reports at Some of them are produced videos; some are just quick raw video clips from the road.

But the most important part is: they’re actually on the scene. They’re actually amongst the truckers — and the people gathering by the thousand along the side of the highway.

But have you ever heard Trudeau speak about a real threat to Canada, foreign or domestic, in the language that he and his cronies use to demonize peaceful, democratic citizens who just don’t share his views?

Trudeau would never be as cruel and abusive to them as he is to Canadians he dislikes.

I want to take you through a CTV story — you’d think they were the CBC state broadcaster, given how slavishly they repeated the Trudeau talking points. I’ll take you through it.

'So many angry people': Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory

Right there it’s incredible. An “expert” says it’s dangerous. Is there anything or anyone more discredited in the past two years than anyone called an “expert”?

This is “journalism”, apparently.

Hey, by the way, do you know who organized the trucker convoy? Not some Antifa leftist, but a woman named Tamara Lich.

A Métis woman from Western Canada.

I wonder why CTV interviewed some ex-Antifa promoter, but hasn’t even shown you the face, let alone voice of the actual organizer of the convoy. That’s weird.

Peter Smith, a journalist working with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said he’s seeing a lot of similarities between this latest convoy and a similar truck convoy from 2019 that was meant to protest federal pipeline policies.

Sure. Peter Smith. A “journalist’. Yeah, no, the “anti-hate” network isn’t a media company. They’re a smear company.

I know that, because, again, they got a quarter million dollars from Trudeau to attack his enemies — and part of the agreement was that they would literally smear and complain against and attack, not just journalize.

So this is an “expert”.

So that was CTV.

Here’s CBC

Organizer behind anti-vaccine mandate convoy says it won't tolerate extremists as online rhetoric heats up

...Stephanie Carvin, a security analyst and associate professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, said she has seen groups cite plans to smash through walls, bring rope to hang politicians and generally cause violence.

Hey, did we hear from these “experts” when more than 50 churches were burned down in Canada last year? No? Why not?

How about two years ago, when environmentalist groups blocked roads and railways? Did we hear from them?

That tells you all you need to know. Never trust the mainstream media. And anyone who calls themselves an “expert” — well, that’s just your cue to be twice as skeptical.

GUEST: Mocha Bezirgan (follow @BezirganMocha on Twitter) and Selene Galas (follow @Selenecxliv on Twitter) call in to talk about the convoy, which they're covering as our embedded reporters.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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