While the world tries to lower gasoline prices, Trudeau wants to increase them — he says so

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 If you think gas prices are not high enough, good news for you — they’re about to be raised again:

Ottawa proposes to cap oil, gas emissions using industry-specific carbon pricing system

Canada aims to cut emissions across all sectors 40 to 45% from 2005 levels by 2030

Now, that’s nuts. The population of Canada is growing — in part due to massive immigration. So why would you actually reduce the amount of energy use in a country? And why that specific amount?

It makes no sense; there no science to it. And it won’t make a difference — you could take every car off the road in Canada and China would make up the difference in a few weeks. Give the New York Times credit — they are environmental activists like the CBC, but at least they’re honest enough to report, in dozens of stories, that China is building more coal fired power plants, both in China and around the world, than everyone else combined.

But sure — you tackle those Canadian cars!

The federal government is proposing to use an industry-specific cap-and-trade system or a modified carbon pricing system to set a ceiling for emissions from the oil and gas sector and drive them down almost 40 per cent by the end of this decade.

Translation — Albertans voted Conservative, so now they must be punished.

It’s an enormous story, that never once questions the cost of lost jobs; of lost income; the obvious fact that the world will consume exactly how much oil it will consume, whether or not it buys it from Russia, OPEC or Canada.

But more to the point it doesn’t even ask such an obvious question: if we shut down Canadian oil, we’re still going to drive, and we can see how it comes in to Canada — by rail, from the U.S., and by sea from OPEC countries, including Saudi Arabia and other OPEC regimes.

But here’s the thing: that foreign oil will not be taxed, will not have a carbon tax put on it, will not have a carbon analysis, or a gender analysis, or an eco- analysis, or whatever they’re putting Alberta through, along with every other Canadian industrial project.

Do you think Saudi oil would pass a gender analysis? Who cares — it’s not subject to it.

And so my point remains: Trudeau doesn’t actually hate oil. He just hates Canadian oil. He’s fine with Russian oil. And he’s fine with the American oil and OPEC oil that will be imported to Canada to fill the void left when Trudeau finally breaks Alberta’s back.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano (@franco_nomics), federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, joins to discuss the high cost of the federal carbon tax before rebates are provided to Ontario families.

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