Do you actually know who Dr. Anthony Fauci is?

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You know who Dr. Anthony Fauci is, right?

You can't really avoid him. A year and a half ago, he was an obscure bureaucrat like most of medical-industrial complex on the public health side of things. But he became famous because of the virus. He would host press conferences alongside Donald Trump, sometimes even spar with Trump — he was so friendly, though.

He became a media hound, so the press loved him, especially when he disagreed with Trump.

In fact, he just rolled out a new book — about himself, and the wonderful year he's had.

Surprisingly, today it looks like Amazon took that book down. I wonder why he's being cancelled?

But like Canada's version of Anthony Fauci, Theresa Tam — Fauci lied.

Hundreds of emails from his government position have been released under American freedom of information laws.

And over the last 18 hours, the media has had a frenzy going through them.

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