What will make Trudeau end his vendetta against unvaccinated Canadians?

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I think Canada is the only country in the world that bans its own citizens from flying or taking the train if they’re unvaccinated.

I’ve heard that China also does that, but I think people are just assuming that because of China’s extreme lockdowns this year.

Our prime minister is pretty useless; he’s not really a serious player in anything internationally.

Here’s a little video of him meeting with another left-wing peacock, Gavin Newsom, the disgraced hard-left-wing governor of California — who faced a recall vote recently, especially over his disastrous handling of the pandemic. Look at these two narcissists — I call this the Botox Summit:

The reason I show you that is: they’re not wearing masks. Even though they are both mask extremists. But only when it suits them!

Now, they themselves don’t like to wear masks.

Trudeau loves going to Europe and partying with the jet-setters there — no masks. He loved going to Ukraine — very unvaxxed place, no masks. He flies by private jet — no masks. But he puts them on when he’s talking about your freedoms.

Same with Newsom.

Why are they mask extremists? Here’s Joe Biden wearing a mask by himself, taking it off to meet someone. He’s triple-jabbed; the whole thing is a weird ritual of lying.

I say all this, this entire preamble, to show how extreme Canada is, what an outlier we are in that, forget about foolish rituals and photo ops, we are actually running our country as if it were real. We still have a kind of lockdown for millions of Canadians — a no fly list, which in the past was only for terrorists.

Just today the U.S. announced they’re getting rid of their last vestige of lockdown travel.

US will end Covid-19 testing requirement for air travelers entering the country

It was a strange quirk — they never had a vax requirement to fly; courts threw out the mask ban. That last vestige is now gone. They’re back to normal. Pretty sure lockdowns aren’t returning — at least until Democrats get through the mid-term elections in November. They don’t want to be slaughtered.

Here in Canada, Trudeau got the opposite message — he just won an election last September.

So Trudeau takes off his mask when he wants. He flies when and how he wants. No line-ups for him — he flies private. But boy does he fly — 38,000 km in 38 days. Pretty cool for Mr. Global Warming.

But meanwhile, the airports are still melting down.

Air Canada is cancelling hundreds of flights, because the logistics just don’t work. So those aren’t empty flights, cancelled as they were two years ago because no-one is flying. They’re full flights, cancelled because the airports don’t work. Because they’ve been turned into massive public clinics, doctors offices, Canadian style.

The Toronto airport is a really big deal, not just for air travel. It’s a huge employer; a huge business in itself; and just think of all the related businesses, from taxis, to airports, to conventions. Those are being smashed — just when they thought maybe they could recover from two years of being smashed.

I saw this in the Hill Times yesterday, a pro-Liberal newspaper:

‘Massive majority’ of Liberal caucus wants Trudeau to drop federal COVID mandates, say Liberal MPs

A majority of Liberal MPs? Wow. Just imagine if the cowardly lion, Erin O’Toole had had the courage to oppose vaccine mandates a year ago. We needed to wait for the Liberal MPs, I guess.

I even saw an article in Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster:

Vaccine mandates have been blamed for some of Pearson airport's chaos. Is it time to drop them?

So the world is laughing at us. Literally, laughing — I showed you that airport video by that U.S. sports journalist that went viral. The world has moved on. No masks, no vaccine passports.

Even the Liberal MPs and the CBC are talking about moving on. Even cowardly corporations.

But not Trudeau or his cabinet. They refuse. This isn’t about science. It’s about vengeance and a vendetta, and not letting the truckers get the win — remember, their chief issue was vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, especially for travel, right?

Trudeau can’t let them win or let them be seen to win.

So let me close for you with the mighty intellectual response from Omar Alghabra, Trudeau’s transport minister, clearly out of his depth, clearly just a spokesman for whatever Trudeau says.

His deep thoughts reply? A tweet:

You could call that tweet disinformation in the fullest sense. I mean, I know Theresa Tam says anything, and then later says the exact opposite thing, but look at this:

COVID-19 transmission on flights 'extremely rare,' Dr. Tam says.


Well, what do you think? How long can Canada do such an obviously destructive thing? There’s no-one who benefits from this.

It’s no benefit to public health; it’s no benefit to the airlines or tourism; it’s no benefit to our country’s international reputation; it’s no benefit to our tattered civil liberties.

Who wants this? As they would say in Latin — cui bono? Who benefits? Only one man and his vengeance — the hateful hypocrite, Justin Trudeau.

And that’s the kind of country we live in — our checks and balances are broken. We have an authoritarian ruler who is teaching us all a lesson.

GUEST: David Menzies (@TheMenzoid) joins to talk about his latest bombshell report, BUSTED! Is Mayor Patrick Brown using City of Brampton employees for work on CPC leadership campaign?

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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