BUSTED! Is Mayor Patrick Brown using City of Brampton employees for work on CPC leadership campaign?

Senior city staffers have been allegedly working on Brown's Conservative leadership campaign instead of working for the people of Brampton.

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Incredible. Rebel News was tipped off by a source that Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown is so hellbent on becoming leader of the Conservative Party of Canada that, once again, he has apparently tossed ethics to the curb in the process.

Here’s the deal: we were told that Brown was running a secret boiler room operation in Vaughan, Ont., and after we observed this location for weeks, it turned out to be true.

And get this: senior employees with the City of Brampton are working here on the campaign — allegedly while they are still being paid by the city.

Other senior City of Brampton employees have been jet-setting across the country with Brown — again, allegedly while remaining on the municipal payroll.

Can you imagine? These people were getting paid by the taxpayer to carry out City of Brampton business but they were putting their efforts into getting Brown elected as Conservative Party leader instead.

But is this not par for the course when it comes to Sneaky Patrick Brown? After all, there’s no way to sugar-coat Patrick Brown’s character. He's Sneaky.

Indeed, back when he was the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, he threw social conservatives under the bus when he campaigned against the Liberals’ sex-ed curriculum – only to later flip-flop and support the sex-ed curriculum.

He then shockingly threw fiscal conservatives under the bus by deciding it would somehow be a good idea for Ontario, a manufacturing province, to have its own carbon tax!

And when there were no more conservatives to throw under the bus, the PC's threw Patrick Brown under the bus back in January 2018.

Such was the contempt and distaste for this backstabber that he was forced to walk the plank less than six months before the provincial election.

Brown would later become mayor of Brampton, even though he has no connections to this city whatsoever. Yet, Patrick Brown is all about acquiring power… for the sake of acquiring power.

A recent story featured The Pointer, a local outlet covering the ins and outs of Brampton and Mississauga, discussed The dangerous ambition of Patrick Brown and warned readers: 

For residents in the City of Brampton who have watched Brown carefully since they bought what he was selling while trying to salvage a political career smouldering in the ruins in the fall of 2018, the recent words might have resonated as a warning to the rest of Canada.

Buyer beware.

And he certainly does NOT lead by example.

Brampton was perhaps the most-locked down city in all of Canada during the COVID-19 mandates. Brown even hired security guards to rat out people to Brampton Bylaw Enforcement for the egregious crime of making use of fenced-off baseball diamonds and soccer fields.

And all the while, this hypocrite was secretly playing hockey with his Barrie buddies at a Brampton rink. Clearly, one law for thee, one law for me.

Naturally, he now claims he was the “one of the only big city Mayors to speak out and demand an end to restrictions” during the pandemic — even though the video evidence clearly shows otherwise.

But it gets worse.

His first major policy announcement should he become prime minister would be to remove the Tamil Tigers from the terrorist list?

And when Lincoln Jay got to ask him a question at the last Conservative leadership debate about that aforementioned hockey scandal, what did Patrick Brown do?

Well, he lied of course. He said the story was inaccurate — despite the evidence captured on camera.

And now comes this latest scandal: Brown is using senior City of Brampton employees to sell CPC memberships. Some of those senior employees actually flew across Canada with Brown, travelling as far as Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver – when they should’ve been working for the citizens of Brampton.

We did reach out to six of these employees. Babu Nagalingam, Margaret Beveridge, Kuldip Gollee, Sri Vallipuranathar, Iqbal Singh and Yeshwa Younas.

Our questions included:

  1. Why are you regularly working in the City of Vaughan and not the City of Brampton, the municipality that employs you?
  2. Why are you flying across Canada with Brown and not working for the City of Brampton?
  3. Are you working on Mr. Brown’s campaign for Conservative leader while still being paid by the City of Brampton?
  4. Did you notify the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Brampton that you were taking time off from your municipal duties to work on the Patrick Brown campaign?
  5. If you have indeed taken a leave of absence from your City of Brampton position, can you kindly forward us documentation that would prove this fact?

Only Ms. Beveridge, Mr. Gollee, and Mr. Younas responded. All three claimed they worked on Brown's campaign on an unpaid basis. But they would not provide any proof that this is indeed the case.

And while Mr. Younas denied he flew to Edmonton and Vancouver with Brown, he failed to mention Calgary. Little wonder, an eyewitness placed him there on May 13 at an event staged by Raman Khatra.


As for the other three City of Brampton employees, they have declined to return our queries.

And let it be said we actually bumped into Sneaky Patrick Brown leaving his Vaughan boiler room operation last Friday afternoon. He immediately jumped into his chauffeur-driven SUV and hit the highway.

We followed, and when he finally got to his destination — a Peel Regional Police station — he sicced the cops on us. And now the police are considering charging us with… criminal harassment!? We’d like to see them try…

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