CBC is absolutely paranoid about what ordinary Canadians think of it — I'll show you their internal emails

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Sheila Gunn Reid had a great scoop yesterday — 42 pages of internal CBC emails panicking about what Canadians think about them — and scheming about ways to get Canadians to stop saying things the CBC didn’t want them to say.

You’ve never seen a more thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive, politically correct bunch of censors. They really are gross, and reading the emails you can feel cancel culture in action. They’re cancelling you, and anyone else like you who would criticize them. It’s super-gross.

If you haven’t seen Sheila’s report on the subject, I encourage you to do so — you can find it on our website or on a special compilation page we’ve made called RebelInvestigates.com that has a ton of interesting scoops like this. Real investigations — not just punditry, but real digging.

So Sheila did a great job of going through it, but I want to talk about it a bit too. Because I want to talk about how the CBC, which claims to be against racism and sexism, actually handles racism and sexism.

Imagine working there — and thinking you’re a feminist.

But look at this about Wendy Mesley.

You know that Wendy Mesley is Peter Mansbridge’s former wife — that place is all about nepotism, always has been. Mesley was given a bizarre, obscure show about left-wing conspiracy theories.

It was once a week, and it was really mopping up the left-overs of U.S. talk shows a week after they were newsy down there.

Wendy Mesley made a living not only being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but also by calling anyone she didn’t like racist. I won’t get into all the examples, but it was a major theme of hers.

Incredibly, in staff meetings, Mesley would drop the n-bomb. The derogatory swear against black people. Repeatedly. Despite people expressing their discomfort with it.

But here’s what Sheila found in those emails.

The CBC refused to publish the n-word that Wendy Mesley kept saying in meetings. They refused to publish what she shamefully did. They just refused to — they thought they could pretend it was something else. They covered up.

But when people in the comments section online wrote it — they were immediately deleted. The CBC said it broke the rules — by being demonstrably false; or language that is potentially harmful.

Seriously. Wendy Mesley drops the n-bomb. The CBC keeps it a secret. And anyone who mentions it in the comments section is banned for being racist. Even if they are reporting it as a fact — the fact that Wendy Mesley did it. Let that sink in.

The second thing to know is that beside deleting comments from the public that told the truth, the CBC simply were not going to report the story to vast swaths of their viewers.

Oh, by the way? Judging by this story, that implies her show was cancelled, but she wasn’t; and judging by her Twitter feed and its name — Wendy Mesley hasn’t actually been fired for her racist outburst.

I think — and I’m trying to find out — I think that bigot is still on the payroll. I think maybe they’re just waiting to shut down all the comments… and then give her a new show. And that way, no-one can complain!

GUEST: Adam Soos (@ATSoos on Twitter) on Pastor Tim Stephens.

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