Trump, Wendy Mesley and Capitol Riots: CBC's comment moderation emails revealed

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Access to information documents exclusively obtained by Rebel News reveal the criteria for and planning of the constant censorship in the CBC comments section.

It’s no secret. The CBC comments section is either a one-sided cesspit of radical leftism, or it doesn’t exist at all — depending on the story and topic. That’s because CBC carefully moderates their comment section to prevent fact-checking about former President Donald Trump, the coronavirus, and any criticism of the network.

CBC once completely censored the comments section of a story about trust in journalism AFTER the state broadcaster asked for feedback in the story. The editors opened the comment section again after a former CBC employee pointed out just how hypocritical the decision was.

The details are all in a Rebel News access to information document package showing how CBC amplifies some opinions and completely deletes other facts.

CBC considered comments speculating on a word on-air talent Wendy Mesley used at least twice in a meeting:

“Hi, Spencer, Pras and Irene, The moderation team is asking for guidance on audience attempts to speculate on what word was used.”

It was a racial slur, and Mesley was suspended for it. However, CBC admits they did not cover the firing on their French language outlets (Radio-Canada):

“Thanks Pierre, to my knowledge the story is not covered anywhere on RC's site or social”

CBC moderators did not allow links to Trump’s video statement calling for peace that debunked the network’s claim that the former president incited the Capitol riot.

CBC disabled comments on a story headlined Canadian trust In journalism is wavering. Here's what CBC News is doing about it, despite specifically asking for feedback IN THE STORY, until a former CBC journalist complained and they opened them up a bit.

“Normally we consider criticism about moderation to be off topic but in this case, we feel that type of criticism is allowable in the context of this article. NAME REDACTED summed it up well:

"Given that the blog ends with: 'As always, I trust you will let me know What else we can be doing to earn and keep your trust." I think we have to be pretty open to any criticism on this one. Or we risk being considered hypocritical ...

CBC also prevented commenters from rightly noting that the Nova Scotia mass shooter, Gabriel Wortman, was previously convicted of assault.

“Brand Criticism” of CBC was also not allowed in comments and CBC noted BuzzFeed, Vox, the WHO, and Snopes are among its trusted COVID sources. All of these sources previously claimed to have debunked the very real lab-leak hypothesis of the genesis of the pandemic.

In contrast to the CBC, you can see our sources and fact-check Rebel News with the provided documents. All these documents are here for you to read because Rebel supporters have generously funded our access to information investigations into the CBC and other public agencies and governments through their donations to

Thank you to everyone who has donated and continues to donate at that special website to help us uncover what the government is doing behind closed doors.

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