Why are the U.S. and Canadian military spying on Rebel News?

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Why are the U.S. and Canadian military spying on Rebel News? I’ll show you the proof in a moment. But first let me state the obvious: if you think the military is a right-wing organization, you’re wrong.

While Sajjan was busy working on his pronouns, he was literally overseeing the winter warfare training of China’s People’s Liberation Army soldiers at a Canadian base.

Well, when the military becomes woke, it gets into politics and it starts acting like an enforcer for the politics of its politician leaders. It stops focusing on foreign military threats — and turns against domestic political threats. We saw that with a series of outbursts from the military against a conservative TV host named Tucker Carlson.

That’s going on in the U.S. But it’s also going on in Canada. I know, because we’re the target of it.

Let me be very precise in my language: the United State Department of Defense, and the Canadian Armed Forces, have both funded a joint cyberintelligence operation against Rebel News. It was apparently led by Rebecca Goolsby, who has worked for the U.S. Navy for 20 years.

She says her job with the Pentagon is to fend off invaders who sow hysteria — and by that, she doesn’t mean China or Iran or Venezuela. I guess she means peaceful news outlets like Rebel News, that just happen to be based in Canada, the closest ally of the U.S.

China is clearly the rising threat to the U.S. Navy. They’re building their fourth aircraft carrier right now; they’re going further and further out to sea, harassing other countries' vessels, and threatening Taiwan. But the Navy thinks news websites with conservative points of view are the real enemy — but honest, they’re not evil people!

Goolsby is the women who has led the spying operation against us. I’ve left her a voice message and sent her an email to ask about it, but she hasn’t got back to me yet. If she does, I’ll let you know. Then again, the friendly friends at the U.S. Navy might choose to, you know, shut down our website instead of returning my calls.

So here’s how it worked.

The U.S. Navy funded the University of Arkansas, in Little Rock, to use a program called “Spy on Web”, to do a work-up on Rebel News. And they produced this report, called the Canada Elections Cyber Forensics Analysis, October 10, 2019. Which is quite something, given that the election wasn’t actually until eleven days later. But as you’ll soon see, they knew what they were going to write before they did their “research”.

Does the U.S. Navy do that a lot? Pay universities to use software called SpyOnWeb to spy on Canadian media companies?

Why? Who ordered it? On what criteria? Who else do they spy on? How else do they spy — are they tapping my phones, hacking my emails?

Those are my main questions — privacy, legality, what the hell is the U.S. military doing spying on civilian journalists? But another question, and I just can’t help asking it, is: are all U.S. spies this stupid? I mean, we all know the joke — “military intelligence” is an oxymoron, like “Jumbo shrimp”. But seriously, this is the stupidest report I’ve ever seen. I kid you not, a teenager could have done a better job of it — and probably for a million dollars less.

There’s a lot of military jargon here — which, like academic jargon, is designed to make it harder to understand someone than easier to understand; it’s designed to be cryptic, not plain. But let me take you through some of it.

It’s very creepy to be spied on by the U.S. Navy. But I won’t lie — it’s also disappointing to know that the greatest force for freedom — the U.S. military — is so abjectly stupid, at least when it comes to cyber-intelligence.

It probably isn’t against the law for the U.S. government to spy on me — I’m not an American citizen. I’m one of the most pro-American, pro-NATO journalists in Canada. Which is probably why Navy intelligence hates me.

But what about the Canadian Armed Forces? I’m a Canadian citizen, and I have the right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures. The Canadian Armed Forces have a mandate to fight Canada’s enemies — not spy on Canada’s journalists.

So why did Harjit Sajjan then take this study — and fund these Arkansas spies and have them publish it in Canada?

I’m laughing at how stupid they are. Laughing at how wrong they are. But it’s not funny. They’re spying on me and my staff. They’re making an enemies list. They’re lying about us — I suppose that’s normal, if you’re making an enemies list.

What do you think? We have access to information requests in to both Queen’s University, which reprinted this smear, and to the University of Arkansas, which really, really doesn’t want to hand over their instructions. I mean, I can sort of guess why, right?

Do you think this is a problem? The Pentagon spying on us?

Or how about Harjit Sajjan and his special forces spying on us? Do you have a problem with that?

If you want to help us stay strong — maybe pop by HelpRebelNews.com and chip in a few dollars.

According to the spies, we’re doing more than anyone else on the Internet to push back against Trudeau — and that ain’t fake, friends.

NEXT: Joel Pollak (@JoelPollak on Twitter) on the Pentagon's attack on Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host criticized “maternity flight suits”.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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