Why I think the pandemic is over

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Interesting story in the Toronto Star today:

82% of Canada’s COVID-19 deaths have been in long-term care, new data reveals

Pretty much says it all. Sure, the virus was the killer. But an essential factor was the institutions.

What was it about them? People cooped up indoors? Cheap, foreign labourers working there — without proper hygiene, working many odd jobs, working at various different facilities to cobble together enough money to live, so they became “super-spreaders”? Maybe they didn’t have proper face masks, because Trudeau shipped them all to China in February?

It bears investigation, don’t you think?

Hey, if you knew three months ago that this virus basically left young people alone, but was deadly to people over 70, and especially over 80, would you have a different opinion about shutting down schools and every restaurant and shop in the country?

And if you had a parent or grandparent in a seniors home, would you go and pick them up and bring them home for the duration? Seriously, that would likely have saved lives and jobs and pandemic pandemonium.

We need to investigate what happened in these seniors homes — I think it’s lack of masks by staff, staff working in various places, and living cramped together, because they’re cheap foreign labourers trying to make a go of it.

That’s what happened in Alberta with these meat-packing plants. There’s nothing special a meat packing plants that makes them dangerous with this virus. It’s not about the cattle or the beef or what they do there. It’s, again, temporary foreign workers, jammed together in bunkhouse-style homes, carpooling together, because they’re saving money and sending it back to Somalia.

I predict that, in the more honest histories of this crisis, we’ll find out that it wasn’t a pandemic in the usual sense of the term:

It was actually quite a picky virus, that chose government institutions that flourished where, well, where the government was in charge.

Like airports, where Canada let everyone in, no matter what, and still to this day doesn’t do temperature checks. You know, Hong Kong is literally part of China. It has a boundary between itself and the rest of China, so they can stop travellers, but it’s not even an international border.

And yet they guard that boundary, take people’s temperatures, screen hard at the boundary — and so their death rate was one two hundredth of what it is here in Canada.

They don’t have social distancing. Have you ever been to Hong Kong? Or Tokyo or Taipei? They are very crowded cities, very dense. They couldn’t “social distance” if they tried. So instead they just wear cheap masks. But, like I say, Trudeau gave away all the masks.

So the two things Trudeau was supposed to do — guard our borders, and don’t give away our masks to China — are the two things he didn’t do, and they’re the two things that would have saved thousands of lives.

And the one thing Trudeau loves to do — bring in cheap, foreign labourers to undercut Canadian worker salaries, to give a labour cost break to major corporations, many of which are foreign-owned, like the Cargill and JBS meat packing plants, and many seniors homes — his temporary foreign workers were the super-spreaders.

TONIGHT I tell you why I believe we’re past the worst of it.

I guarantee that more Canadians will have died from the shut down of our normal health regimen than from the virus. And that doesn’t even add in those who will die from poverty-inflicted causes from the Great Recession. Suicides alone will be in the hundreds — add one more percent to the unemployment rolls in Canada, that’s an additional 150 suicides.

Show me someone who wants the lock-down to continue, and I’ll show you either a megalomaniac like Neil Ferguson and Theresa Tam, a politician loving the limelight, or someone who is getting paid to watch Netflix all day.

And then there’s just the absurd policing, like the mom who was arrested, handcuffed and put in a police car — separated form her five year old daughter — for going on a swing in a park.

I think people are pretty much done with it.

I think we’re going to go outside now, and go to the park now, and open up our stores now.

I know some obedient types won’t — because we’re a law-abiding people.

I think some people like living as prisoners.

But enough of us don’t.

NEXT: Scott Hayward from the pro-life group RightNow joins me to discuss an Elections Canada investigation, that alleges that RightNow violated federal campaign laws.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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