I’ve got about a dozen questions about the pandemic

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I’ve got some questions about the pandemic. I bet you do too.

Question 1. We were told that we had to shut down society to flatten the curve. That didn’t mean that no-one would get sick; it meant that we would slow down the RATE of people getting sick, so it didn’t happen all at once and overwhelm hospitals.

Mission accomplished — the curve is so flat, it’s lower than any of the best-case scenarios we were showed last month. Hospitals are mostly empty. So why are we still in a lockdown?

Question 2. Not a single child in Canada has died from this virus. No-one under 20 years of age. There are 8 million Canadians under 20. Not one died. So why have we shut down schools, kids sports and summer camps?

Question 3. "To date, 312 detailed studies have been published about clusters of coronavirus infections. There is not a single case of infection by casual contact outdoors.”

So not a single person in Canada under 20 has died from this. And not a single person has caught the disease outside. So why have we shut down playgrounds and parks?

Question 4. Why do politicians threaten us with huge fines for visiting with friends and family, when it seems every single one of them does so themselves?

Trudeau told us we had to stay home over Easter, but then he crossed into Quebec for a family get-together over Easter. Doug Ford had a whole family reunion, and went up to his cottage, too. John Tory went on a junket to London, and he loves photo ops, without a face mask, with hospital workers.

And it sure looks like a lot of politicians have had their haircut...

Question 5. As you know, here at Rebel News we’ve offered a free lawyer to any Canadian who has received an unfair ticket for walking outside — and so far we’ve taken eleven cases.

How come Canada's most famous and best-funded group, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, with a seven-figure budget and full-time lawyers on staff, haven’t taken a single case like this? Although I see that they have sued the government — to get them to release all the prisoners.

Got it.

TONIGHT I'll go through the rest of my questions. 

Do you have the same ones? Maybe more?

One last question:

Now that we’ve destroyed two million jobs, and now that we know the virus isn’t as bad as experts said — can we get back to work now?

And by that I mean Canadians. Can unemployed Canadians have first dibs at any jobs, before we fly in foreign citizens to undercut Canadian wages?

Oh — I guess not.

NEXT: As you may know, we are suing Trudeau's PMO for access to the prime minister's daily press conferences. Our lawyer Aaron Rosenberg brings us an update on our LetUsReport.com campaign.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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  • By Ezra Levant

FREE legal defence

Ordinary Canadians are being fined extortionate amounts for going outside while the prime minister visits cottage country. Are you one of them?

  • By Ezra Levant

Fund "Let Us Report" lawsuit

Trudeau banned our reporters from his pandemic press conferences — so we’re suing him!


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