Lockdowns are ending in the USA and the UK. Why is Canada getting stricter?

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Look at this tweet from the governor of Texas on March 2, two and a half months ago:

I’m sure if you can see it, but 330,000 people took the time to “like” that tweet. That’s a lot in the Twittersphere. I bet that was the most popular thing that governor ever said.

Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster, which we pay $1.5 billion to every year for Canadian content we can’t find elsewhere, was obsessed by this:

Texas ends pandemic mask mandate, despite warnings from medical experts

So how’s that working out? Here’s a summary of their latest stats:

They’re just done. In fact, they’re not locking down citizens anymore, bullying people with big fines or snitch lines. They’re doing the opposite — the governor is threatening any officials who still want to party like it’s 2020.

So no government officials can tell you to wear a mask. If they do, the government will be fined. No schools can make you do it. That’s all junk science, it’s politics, it’s fear, and it’s over in Texas.

Same in Florida, too. Their governor just declaring that every single charge against every single person for a COVID violation — it’s all pardoned.

In the United Kingdom, they’ve opened up the pubs. It’s pretty much normal there now. Not 100 per cent. But getting there. Our reporter Lincoln Jay tells me he sees some people with masks, some without it, but there’s none of this vicious scolding and snitching we have in many places in Canada.

Even the New York Times is starting to point out that these folks are nuts.

But in Canada — that’s not a wacky outlier. That’s normal. That’s the heart of politics and media. And like I say, the enforcement is more brutal than ever. It’s actually ramping up.

Even though the deaths are plunging, have been since flu season ended.

And yet — not one political party is against these lockdowns. Not one. Not one in power, not one in opposition.

Not not premier, not one leader of the opposition. Not the so-called Conservatives.

There’s something deeply wrong with our country. My only question is: is it just the political-media establishment? Or is it the people, too?

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