A tale of two conservative parties — one a winner, one a loser

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Yesterday we talked about Senator Denise Batters and her petition to have an early leadership review of Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party who lost the last election. He lost votes and he lost seats.

And what’s the most frustrating to me is that he did so while throwing out every conservative policy he had campaigned on just months earlier.

He literally signed a written promise not to raise taxes, including the carbon tax. Then he proposed a carbon tax, but thinks that by calling it a levy, instead of a tax, we won’t notice. You know, if you literally type the word levy into Dictionary.com it gives you the definition — a tax.

He said he’d defund the CBC. That was a lie. He said he’d fight against cancel culture. In fact, he’s cancelled more people than any other politician I know, except Trudeau.

So my point is, at least if he had lost while actually campaigning valiantly as a conservative, at least we’d have some measure of how popular or successful conservative ideas are in Canada.

While Canada’s Conservatives appear doomed, and if an election were held again today they surely would do no better, look at this from the United States.

This is a poll from The Washington Post. That’s owned by Amazon. It’s pro-Democrat. So this is not some right wing fantasy. It’s the most establishment liberals in America. And look:

Economic Discontent, Criticisms of Biden Lift the GOP to a Record Early Advantage

Republican congressional candidates hold their largest lead in midterm election vote preferences in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 40 years, underscoring profound challenges for Democrats hoping to retain their slim majorities in Congress next year.

I put it to you that one reason the Republicans are doing so well is because Joe Biden and the Squad and the bank-seizers and the radicals in the Democrats are turning people off.

The world is getting worse — the pandemic isn’t over, foreign affairs are a shambles, inflation is rampant, and gasoline is skyrocketing. Same thing in Canada on all fronts — except down in America, Republicans offer an alternative to it. Up here — what alternative has Erin O’Toole offered? On anything? Tell me the difference on any single thing?

I wish just once a conservative would run as a conservative. Not even as a radical. As a sensible, calm, Reagan conservative. Just to try it. Don’t do what the CBC tells you to do. Ron DeSantis doesn’t do what CNN tells him to do. Just be yourself, be conservative, and give it a shot.

At least if you lose that way, you know you tried. We don’t know what would have happened if a true conservative had run in the last election, because there wasn’t one.

GUEST: Avi Yemini

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